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  • Round 82 Ticks Start: Friday 31st May 2019
  • Round 82 Ticks End: Friday 19th July 2019
  • Round 82 Havoc Ends: Thursday 1st August 2019

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  • Round 82 - Traitors in the Dark: 276

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  • 5 Oct: Round 79 - Beneath the Stars is now open!

  • 22 Sep: Round 73 has ended, catch the EORC in 30 min

  • 14 Jul: Round 72 is finished, catch the EORC at 21:00 GMT

  • 5 May: R70 has ended, catch the EORC in about 30 min

  • 17 Mar: Round 71 starts tonight, don't forget to join!

What is Planetarion?

For many eons the Planetarion universe has been rife with war and destruction. Five dominant races fight side by side or kin against kin, galaxy against galaxy, planet against planet in the ever growing struggle for dominance. Alliances clash with one another, and the valuable resource asteroids are stolen and reclaimed. It is your task to join this chaotic system, and survive.

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Round 82 Signups Open!

Round 82
Round 82 has officially been confirmed as "Traitors in the Dark". Round 82 signups are now open and Round 82 ticks will start Friday, 31st May at 20:00 GMT and continue for 7 weeks until Friday 19th July.

Buddy packs remain at 5, and alliance limits at 60, with 40 counting.

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Round 81 and Round 82 Update

Round 81 - A Lady Among The Stars
Round 81 - A Lady Among The Stars completed earlier this evening, with the End of Round Ceremony (EoRC) following swiftly afterwards at 21:00 GMT for an hour in #planetarion. It's available in our EoRC section of the portal here.

Round 81's Beta site is updated ...

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EoRC Round 81 10/05/2019

<Appocomaster> Good evening, everyone. Welcome to Round 81 - A Lady Among The Stars's End of Round Ceremony
<Appocomaster> It's good to see so many people tagged :)
<Appocomaster> We've had an unusual round - some clear winners, and some strong memories tiding us through

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    • Round 82 - Traitors in the Dark
    • Start Date: 20:00 GMT on Friday 25th May 2018
    • End Date: 20:00 GMT on Friday 13th July 2018
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    • Tick Speed: 1 hour
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